A community-backed film about the spirit of exploration and what happens when adventure becomes a nexus for art, science, and global change. View the film for our successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign here:


Full Length Documentary Film

Two women push the bounds of friendship, climbing conventions, and scientific research on the 2,000-foot granite face of Mozam­bique’s second highest mountain, Mount Namuli. The Lost Mountain is a community-backed film about the spirit of exploration and what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists set off on a daring and uncon­ventional expedition into one of the world’s least-explored and most-threatened habitats.

Positive Tracks Next Gen Lost Mountain Short

An adapted 5-7 minute short of the full film featuring the Positive Tracks Next Gen ambassadors. This short carries a targeted message for young people about the power of collaboration, following one’s passion, and having an impact through physical activity. This short is produced in partnership with Positive Tracks, a national nonprofit that encourages youth philanthropy through sports.



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Current Video Library

The Lost Mountain Music Video featuring The Road Is Kind, a song written and recorded by Jacob Bain on the flanks of Mt Namuli on Day 23 of the expedition. We released this music video in honor and support of our Positive Tracks Next Gen fundraising effort.

Old Man Ray, song and video produced in the field on Mt Mulanje, in Malawi, with Jacob Bain leading the musical charge and video footage by Rob Frost Media, and James Q Martin

2011 Recon Short: a short film shot on our 2011 reconnaissance expedition which we used to garner support for our successful 2014 project.



The Lost Mountain Project and film are produced by Ukalene Productions: a company formed by Majka Burhardt, Sarah Garlick, and Paul Yoo in 2011 to facilitate cross-discipline collaboration between science, exploration, conservation, and media.



The Lost Mountain Film Team

Director Paul Yoo | Producer and Writer Sarah Garlick | Producer Majka Burhardt | Director of Photography Rob Frost | Cinematographer James Q Martin | Musician Jacob Bain | Composer Cheryl B Engelhardt. READ THE BIOS