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Positive Tracks and Next Gen Power For The Lost Mountain

Want to Double Your Donation to the Lost Mountain? Our partner, Positive Tracks, is a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get active and give back using the power of sport and adventure AND matches your fundraising dollars up to $20,000.*

(By clicking above you’ll be taken to a PayPal site to make your tax-deductible contribution to the Lost Mountain via our fiscal sponsor, Filmmakers Alliance, a 501c3)

Positive Tracks has granted Lost Mountain/Ukalene Productions, via Additive Adventure by Majka Burhardt, a matching challenge grant to double the dollars raised by our Positive Tracks Next Gen Ambassadors Charlie Harrison and Grant Bemis.

Charlie and Grant were our Next Gen Volunteers on the Lost Mountain 2014 expedition and on August 18th, Charlie launched his next fundraising push via his hike to Williams college this fall.  Williams is 160 miles away from his home in Etna, NH and Charlie is hiking to school over the span of a week and raising money for the next steps of the integrated conservation future for Mt Namuli. You can read more about it in his recent blog and see the music video we made in honor and support of the youth fundraising challenge here:

Join the Lost Mountain Next Gen Initiative

We’re currently creating our 2015 Next Gen (23 and younger) initiatives. Curious to learn more? Know someone you’d like to join the team? Send Majka an email at [email protected] and let her know.


The Positive Tracks Next Gen Lost Mountain Short Film

An adapted 5-7 minute short of the full Lost Mountain Film featuring the Positive Tracks Next Gen ambassadors. This short carries a targeted message for young people about the power of collaboration, following one’s passion, and having an impact through physical activity. This short is produced in partnership with Positive Tracks, a national nonprofit that encourages youth philanthropy through sports. The Positive Tracks Lost Mountain Short effects a broad call to action to young people across the planet to get outside and leverage their own sweat to activate global conservation impact.





In addition to the challenge grant above, Positive Tracks has come on board with funds to help create and market a Lost Mountain Positive Tracks Next Gen Short Film that will spread the Lost Mountain conservation call to action to all ages across the world. Together, Positive Tracks, Charlie Harrison, Grant Bemis, Additive Adventure by Majka Burhardt, and Ukalene Productions are empowering young people to experience the power of hands-on philanthropy and connecting to a cause on their own terms and turf.

We are honored to work with this amazing organization. Please Join Us!

The Lost Mountain Expedition welcomed Positive Tracks Next Gen climbers Charlie Harrison (19, from Etna, NH) and Grant Bemis (23, from Golden Valley, MN) on the 2014 expedition to push the bounds of science, adventure, and conservation.  Exploration of this trifecta culminates in The Lost Mountain Film and The Lost Mountain Positive Tracks Nex Gen Short Film (both forthcoming in 2015).

*Corporate Matching Opportunities with Positive Tracks and The Lost Mountain
Additional matching giving opportunities exist for companies who want to maximize their impact and exposure on our film combining adventure, science, and conservation—and the additional opportunity do it in front of, and for the benefit of, a youth audience.  For more information contact Majka Burhardt at [email protected] or 970-290-7822.


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Nini Meyer - 29. Apr, 2014 - Reply

Collaboration, climbing & conservation. . .what’s not to LOVE?

[…] A month ago I finished up my time volunteering on the Lost Mountain Project in Mozambique and Malawi. My time in Africa was a compilation of intense, non-stop, awe-inspiring experiences; difficult to appreciate all of it while it was happening. I was there as a volunteer, and an ambassador for Positive Tracks, a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get active and give back using the power of sport and adventure (I raised money for Lost Mountain’s Positive Tracks Youth Fundraising Challenge). […]

[…] the video Jacob produced with you today. We created it in honor of our expedition teammates and Positive Tracks Next Gen Volunteers  Charlie Harrison (19) and Grant Bemis (23). View the video here (and by clicking on the image […]