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Lost Mountain Mozambique-based Conservation Lead LUPA (Associação para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário) will conduct real-time rural development and biodiversity conservation research with local stakeholders matched with discussions with scientists to determine a future conservation plan for Namuli. The mountain’s ecosystem is at a critical stage with current threats including :

  • agricultural encroachment
  • wildfires
  • unsustainable hunting
  • natural resource use
  • increasing demographic pressures

The Lost Mountain’s Conservation Team Objectives Include:

  • Respond to Mt. Namuli’s designation as a Level 1 Priority Key Biodiversity Area by the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund.
  • Conduct a Phase I field assessment to determine the first steps of a viable and actionable integrated conservation plan predicated on involvement of multi-sector stakeholders: from local community members and businesses to NGOs, to local and national governments.
  • Build capacity with a key local organization in Mozambique, with a long-term goal of local determination and management of an integrated conservation plan.

Our conservation team is led by LUPA (Associação para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário), a Mozambique-based Conservation Team and advised by Fred Boltz, Managing Director for Ecosystems at the Rockefeller Foundation. Learn more at About the Team.