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A community-backed film about the spirit of exploration and what happens when adventure becomes a nexus for art, science, and global change. View our successful Kickstarter Film here:

This spring, two rock climbers led a team of biologists onto an unexplored cliff face in Mozambique. Their mission:

  • To search for new species of insects and reptiles that will link this fragile and vital mountain to the evolution of East Africa’s wildlife
  • And, together with the local community and a team of conservationists, to build a conservation plan that ensures a thriving future for one of the world’s most precious biodiversity hotspots.

in the meantime…

The Lost Mountain Music Video featuring The Road Is Kind, a song written and recorded by Jacob Bain on the flanks of Mt Namuli on Day 23 of the expedition. We released this music video in honor and support of our Positive Tracks Next Gen fundraising effort.

Old Man Ray, song and video produced in the field on Mt Mulanje, in Malawi, with Jacob Bain leading the musical charge and video footage by Rob Frost Media, and James Q Martin

The Lost Mountain team (via Additive Adventure by Majka Burhardt) has also partnered with Positive Tracks, a youth-centric non-profit for movers and shakers, to release a Generation Next short film featuring youth climbers/Lost Mountain team members Charlie Harrison and Grant Bemis that will spread the Lost Mountain conservation call to action to all ages across the world.

The Lost Mountain Film is a joint collaboration with the Lost Mountain Project and made possible, in part, by our amazing Kickstarter supporters.


DIRECTOR Paul Yoo: Film producer/director focusing on documentaries that cover social justice issues throughout the developing world. Credits include a landmark public-private film partnership between Warner Bros. and USAID, as well as National Geographic’s INSIDE series. Producer Fellow, Film Independent’s Talent Development Program. His latest work includes a short documentary slate about the due diligence process aiming to reform and legitimize the historically conflict-prone mines of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

PRODUCER Majka Burhardt: Author, professional climber, and producer specializing “Additive Adventure:” when adventure goes beyond exploration to cultural and environmental connections that create a larger conversation of singular and collective human meaning. Author of Vertical Ethiopia and Coffee Story: Ethiopia. Executive producer of the film Waypoint Namibia. 16-years of experience leading multi-stage international ventures focused on current issues of cultural and global significance spanning Africa, Europe, South and North America.

PRODUCER Sarah Garlick: A science and adventure writer and producer concentrating on the Earth, environmental, and conservation sciences. She is the author of Flakes, Jugs & Splitters: an award-winning book about geology, and a new pocket guide to Rocks and Minerals from the National Geographic Society. Sarah is our U.S.-based producer..

Rob Frost DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Rob Frost: an award winning cameraman and producer who has filmed and/ or produced content for CBS’s 60 Minutes, ESPN, Sender Films, Camp4Collective, NBC Sports, ESPN2, Discovery Channel, Red Bull Media House, Clif Bar, Animal Planet, Cread Productions, The Sierra Club / Extreme Ice Survey, and more. In 2012, Rob received an Emmy Award Nomination for his cinematography on CBS’s 60 Minutes episode “The Ascent of Alex Honnold”. He has also been on the International Jury Committee for the Banff International Mountain Film Festival.

IMG_3599Q bio photo smallCINEMATOGRAPHER James ‘Q’ Martin is Flagstaff based photographer and filmmaker who was born in the Arizona desert and raised in the remote reaches of Alaska.  Q’s work conveys the delicate relationship between athlete and place; inspiring simultaneous respect for the athlete and a reverence for nature. Having a desire to give back to the environment, he co-founded the Rios Libres Project (RL), which seeks to help keep Chilean Patagonia wild.  As part of RL, he has directed the award winning films Power in the Pristine & Streams of Consequence. /

JabobSOUND RECORDIST/MUSICIAN Jacob Bain: a music producer and musician with music score credits for adventure, social, and environmental films ranging from climbing adventures to documentaries about social in-justices and movements towards sustainable energy, most recently the original score for documentary Rios Libres (Streams of Consequence). He has recorded with musicians in Mali, Cape Verde, and Zimbabwe for both film and his own band, Publish The Quest.

HappyHeadphonesCOMPOSER Cheryl Engelhardt: An award-winning songwriter and composer for films, commercials and web content who is known for ensuring that each project on which she works perfectly expresses what the filmmaker, director, production team, brand, or artist wants to communicate to their audience.  She uses music as a tool to extract the full spectrum of emotion available to listeners and viewers.